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April Update

Dear ministry partner:

HAPPY 24TH ANNIVERSARY TO FIRST LOVE MINISTRIES.  Thank You for all your love, prayers and support. Wow, how the years fly by. I do my best to make each day count for the kingdom of God. I am thankful for the calling of God that is on my life. The past 24 years would not have been possible without my beautiful, wonderful wife Cindy. We are so thankful to God for all of his blessings which include you. You have encouraged us so much with your prayers and support. Last month I put a picture of Max in the newsletter and someone felt led of God to support him.  Praise God. While I was in Peru recently, one of FLM Board members, Mike Raby was in India and he wrote this paragraph below.

“It was very good to be back in India after a five year absence.  I visited David and Shoba Dass and the children at the Beulah Home in Bangalore.  What a blessing to see how the girls in the Beulah Home have flourished since I saw them last.

In Calcutta I was pleased to see the great things that God was doing at the Topeka Stars Home and the ministry of Yasmin and Kafa.

I was truly blessed to be able to spend a lot of time at the Ark Home in Malikpur.  Five years earlier I had been involved with laying the foundation for this building and now to see it in operation, with fourteen little girls living there, was truly a blessing.

Asha, Anil and their daughters are an asset to First Love Ministries.  Under Asha’s leadership, First Love India has an increased vision for more areas in which to minister. While I was there this year, we received a sanction on the blue print for the new home that will be built on the new property purchased last year. 

I met with two of our girls from the Phillips Home in Bangalore.  Lydia and Prema Latha are now 20 years old.  They are both in college and have jobs.  Shantala, who was also in the Phillips Home, is now 15 and works with one of the First Love ministers, helping him with the MARU Project in Bangalore.  This ministry reaches out to the poor, underprivileged children in the slums of Bangalore.

It was great to see the fruit of First Love Ministries’ labor in the land of India.  God has given much increase to the ministry.  Yes, I witnessed great things God is doing in India through First Love Ministries.  God is a big God and with his leadership we will do even more:  More pastors to minister God’s love to the poor and needy, more orphanages to meet the needs of the children God gives us, and more workers to facilitate the growing ministry.   I believe God is going to provide more partners here in the U.S. who will have a vision to see God’s plan for First Love Ministries of India be fulfilled through prayer and financial support.  God bless you!”

It is so exciting to hear and read Mike’s reports. He and his wife Pam have been a huge blessing to FLM through the years. Below is a report from one of our Fathering Leaders Ministry participants. His name is Angelo and he is so on fire for God. 

The Ministry of First Love and the Monday night group has helped me to understand the importance of the intimacy that we have with Jesus, and also to understand the revelation of the cross of Calvary, which is really the main reason for our existence.   Christ is the reason for us to deny sin, to keep us from sinning.  That is why Christ died for me, and now I can say “no” to the world because Christ died for me. And now through this group, I have the passion for missions. Thanks to Jesus and to the Ministry of First Love and this group, I can dream from here onwards.



This is a picture of another one of our Fathering Leaders Ministry participants. She feels called of God to Asia as a Missionary. We are trying to raise funds for her to go with us next January. I have already bought my ticket which cost $1,550. She will fly to India from Peru meeting up with us then staying there for 5 months before coming to the US to be at our Homecoming Camp Meeting in June of 2015. If you feel led of God to invest in her life just write on your check Juanita and it will help her with her expenses. She is a school teacher in Peru and is giving up her job to follow God and his leading.  She currently lives in the FLM Office with Karen and Hosanna. She is full of the Love of Jesus and it radiates.

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