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December Update

Dear ministry partner:

I am writing you this month from the Smokey Mountains. This is my ninth time here in Franklin, NC. Truly one of the greatest JOYS of my life is the relationships that God has allowed me to build with you and others as I have obeyed the call of God on my life. Thank you for all of your love, prayers and support. Cindy and I will be home for Christmas and we pray you have a wonderful time of celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior.

This is a picture of some of our MARU Children in Africa holding up their new Christmas Present Shoes.  Thank you for your giving toward this project. We have also sent funds to the Philippines and Peru for MARU Project shoes and are still collecting funds for the cost of shoes and dresses in India.

I well remember the very first time I drove into Franklin, NC. The year was 1996. The services were good and we rescheduled for the very next year. In 1997 we started with a Sunday to Wednesday plan but God extended the services to span the next two months. I’ve been blessed through the years to experience several two and even three week long revivals but this has been the only two month revival. This Sunday morning as I stood there worshipping God I felt such a stirring in the hearts of the people. Often I feel people have a hope and expectation of a move of God. I remember a precious elderly lady once in Osborne, KS telling me on a Sunday morning that she was so excited about people that were going to get saved that week. I’ve always felt these people here in this area, however, are expecting something greater–not for the sake of pride–but to be named with Azuza Street, Smithon, Brownsville, The Great Awakening. You get the feeling they are expecting a move of God that not only changes this city but touches the corners of the world. Regardless, of whether I am in Taylor, NE, Roseburg, OR, or Topeka, KS I go to church at night expecting that kind of revival to break out. In the busyness of this life and all the distractions this world has to offer, don’t lose sight that we are in the last days. The Bible talks of many falling away but also, an end times revival that touches the world. I believe we have seen the falling away now friends have renewed expectation for a move of God that changes whole communities like the Welch Revival did.     

photo (1)Pastor Dann on the left reports that terrorist activities have slowed so he went to the village pictured to the right where First Love Ministries is building its next church. The people wonder why people in the USA would send money and help people they have never even met. I will be writing a letter from you and telling about how wonderful you are in your desire to spread the GOOD NEWS JESUS SAVES around the world. They will read this letter at the church dedication. Thank You for your partnership with FLM.

Hosanna feels it is time for her to come home from Peru, and will be doing so December 17, 2014. Hosanna is a wonderful young lady who has been a blessing to FLM and the foundation of building God’s Kingdom in Peru. I want to thank her for her sacrifice to go and be part of FLM. Please join me in prayer as she seeks God’s perfect will for her life. We now have ministry openings in The Battered Women Shelter here in the states as well as India and Peru, and our Home Office in Rogers, AR. Thank you for making this a matter of prayer.   

FIRST LOVE MINISTRIES 25th ANNIVERSARY CAMP MEETING will be held JUNE 14 – 19, 2015 in Rogers, AR. Come join us in celebrating all God has done the past 25 years. I have been setting aside 4 to 5 hours a week to pray and listen for God’s leading concerning what he would have me preach. We also will be having different morning speakers from around the world who are in leadership roles of First Love Ministries.

Cindy and I are trying to find housing for anyone that is planning to come and stay for the whole week of Camp Meeting. We have found a house that has four bedrooms and three baths. We need to know ASAP if you are planning to come and would be interested in staying there.

2015 MISSION TRIPS                                        

January 27 – February 12


February 14 – February 23


October 22 – 24

Home Mission trip

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