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April Update

Dear ministry partner:

Happy 25th Anniversary to all of you who pray and support First Love Ministries. On April 1, 1990, we left our corporate job and began this wonderful journey of faith. We responded to the call of God on our lives to do the work of an evangelist. Having now ministered on every inhabited continent, including 55 countries, has been thrilling. We now have established ministries in America, India, Peru, The Philippines, and Africa. Thank you for all of your love, prayers and support.

Please join me in prayer for the family of Phil Hollis, and for Faith Family Life Center (FFLC) of TOPEKA, KS. Pastor Phil was involved in a motor cycle accident and now is shouting Glory in Heaven. He was a personal close friend for over 40 years and served on the Board of First Love Ministries for many years. His dad and then he pastored FFLC over 70 years, combined.

Boy's Dorm in Peru

Boy’s Dorm in Peru

This is a picture of the boy’s dorm on the five acres First Love Ministries bought a couple years ago. This building in its initial phase will be complete JULY 1, 2015. Next January I am looking for people to go to Peru to help plaster and paint the outside as well as paint the inside and tile the floors. We are opening this Bible Institute in February, 2016.

Pastor Dann, head of First Love Ministries of the Philippines wrote that our latest church plant is now complete and open for services. It is called SAN FERMIN FIRST LOVE CHRISTIAN CENTER. It is a thrill to be involved in building God’s kingdom around the world.

Dr. David Dass and his wife Shoba will be at our 25th Anniversary Camp Meeting in Rogers AR JUNE 14-19. Dr. Dass is known by world leaders and we are so blessed to partner with them in ministry. Dr. Dass will be speaking one of the morning services of Camp Meeting.

Below is a letter from a pastor’s wife, Kelly Case, of McPherson, KS.

I have been privileged to go to 3 different countries on behalf of First Love Ministries but it wasn’t until recently that I understood the scope of what this ministry does.  A few years ago, my husband and I went with Brother Paul and Cindy to India.  While there we were involved in a Pastor’s conference, met pastors that First Love covers and ministered to them and their wives.  We also visited several of the girl’s homes. These homes help the ministry rescue little girls from prostitution or abuse, and places them in a home-like setting to go to school and most importantly learn their worth through Jesus Christ. 
In the Philippines we ministered mostly to the pastors that First Love covers.  We were able to do a pastors’ conference and visit several of the churches that were built with the help of First Love.

But it wasn’t until my 3rd trip to Peru that I realized how much this ministry does to further the Kingdom of God.  We worked with a pastors’ conference with a fellowship that First Love covers and also with the Bible correspondence school testing.  It wasn’t until I met the young people that are going to the Fathering Leaders class that I really saw the depth of this ministry.  These young people are so hungry for the Word and to learn.  They work secular jobs but attend class to learn and grow, that they might take what they have learned and share it with their culture.  They were precious young people!  We also met the children sponsored through The MARU program by First Love.  These are children from poor homes that would have a very poor future without someone to assist them with food, clothes, and school.  One of the boys, who lives with his grandmother, is now a young man and at the church any time the door is open is there to assist in whatever manner he can.  He has such a servant and willing heart.

Home missions is also a part of this ministry, not just foreign.  Our church has partnered with First Love in helping a school on an Indian Reservation to give Christmas backpacks to ALL the children of the school.  The ministry has also held services to teach about Christ.  In the same area, it is in process of building a home for battered women to go to.

When you have a ministry that has such a wide scope of ministries, you wonder if they are spread too thin and can work effectively.  I can honestly say that this ministry does the work effectively and well.  I am so blessed to be able to say that I am a part of this and look forward to seeing what God does next!

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