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May Update

May, 2016

Dear Friends

Thank you so much for your partnership. Your investment of PRAYER, TIME and FINANCIAL SUPPORT is appreciated. Cindy and I are so thankful for your involvement in First Love Ministries. We could not be doing what God has led us to do without you. Thank you.

One of my special moments last month was when everyone in the service came down to the altars to cry out to God for revival. I lay in front of the altar and when I started to get up there was a young girl and boy lying beside me. I so want my life to be an example to others, to lead them into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Recently we honored the first four graduates of our Fathering Leaders Ministry. Shaaron, Angelo, David and Juanita went through this three year program. It’s not about making others more like me but helping them fulfill their God purpose and developing into the leaders God desires them to be. I am so proud of these four that graduated with excellence.

The revivals in Beloit and Osborne were very fruitful. I loved Teen Challenge coming and leading worship a few nights and singing the song, “He’s a Good, Good Father, that’s who he is.” When praying one day I felt I should call my friend Pastor David in Greeley, CO. That’s where I am this week, holding services at Glad Tidings. Today I actually drove over to Loveland to write this newsletter. My dad pastored the Assembly of God Church here when I was in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades. I’m at a park across from a small lake that we had a church picnic at when I was in the second grade. I remember I filled up, with hot dogs, topping it off with watermelon. Then I got on the merry go round. It’s wasn’t good and I have not had watermelon since and won’t. I have so many memories of living here: Going fishing up the Big Thompson; riding a pedal car in a parade; getting my first bike; getting caught kissing a girl in the coat closet; getting a Lionel train for Christmas; and having revival services with Leland Lebsack, The Family Rasmussens. God really moved. But I remember that not all were happy about the move of God. As a child I found it confusing why some not only did not enter in but actually rebelled. Friends, I still struggle with not understanding why some don’t follow after God with everything they have. I recently talked with a ten year old in the altars. I told him the greatest mistake of my life was thinking I had tomorrow. Friends, I want to encourage you to follow Jesus with everything you have.

FLM_MayTo the right is a church in Peru that we gave some funds to help them build a new church. Sister Karen went to check on their progress. It might look like a mess but notice the beautiful new walls on the outside.

Praise God because of generous offerings during our revivals and support through the mail last week we were able to send the following funds to help build churches:

  • Philippines funds to help complete our main church there;
  • Nigeria funds to help build two churches;
  • Malawi funds to help build two churches;
  • Peru funds to help build two churches.


That’s $20,000 total and seven churches.   Friends that’s a great week!

We will be having a special work day June 25th to install carpet in the three-bedroom apartment of the Diasozo Project. We’re looking to set up beds at the same time so when we go for our work week in October some can actually stay on-site. Please join us in prayer for the right couple to live there which will enable us to open on November 1 this year.

We continue to need prayers for additional staffing in our Girls Homes in India. We were able last week to help three new girls. We ask every sponsored child to write their sponsors every May and November. Like anything else there are always highs and lows in ministry. Cindy and I feel strongly we are to remain faithful and stable in Gods calling upon our lives. It’s so important to remain faithful and stable in what God ask you to do as well. Don’t let your mistakes of yesterday repeat today thus detouring your future.


May 1 AM                       New Beginnings                            Roseburg, OR

May 8 – May 11               Assembly of God                         Malin, OR

May 15 – May 18              Assembly of God                         Yoncalla, OR

May 22 – May 24              Central Coast Assembly           Newport, OR


July 20 – August 2                  TRUJILLO AND TARAPOTO PERU

October 23-28                          WORK WEEK ON THE DIASOZO PROJECT

October 27-28                           GIVE BACK PACKS AND SERVICES ON RESERVATION

If you are on Facebook remember to like my page Paul Conger or First Love Ministries so you can receive the daily blogs we do. We have children available for sponsorships on our website. Our mailing address is PO Box 100, Rogers, AR 72757. Our office phone is 479-925-3794.