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June Update

June, 2016

Dear Friends

What a JOY it is to do the work of an Evangelist with you as a ministry partner. Thank you so much for all your prayers, love and support of the God-given vision of FLM. We are called of God to do what we are doing. A ministry partner is someone that just like us has felt God leading them to join with us to see the fulfillment of our God-given vision. You too are called of God. Thank you for answering the call of God to be a First Love Ministries Partner.

We will be having a special work day June 25th to install carpet in the three bedroom apartment of the Diasozo Project. We’re looking to set up beds at the same time so when we go for our work week in October some can actually stay on site. Please join us in prayer for the right couple to live there which will enable us to open up on November 1 this year. If you know a furniture store that wants to donate bedroom and living room furniture, please contact me.

A young married lady named Danielle gave her heart to Jesus on Mother’s Day. It would have made my Mother so happy just as it did me. Tuesday and Wednesday night people that I had gone to the 7th and 8th grades with drove to the services. Two were baptized, one testified he was tired of being luke warm. Eight total received the Baptism on Wednesday night. Two of those who received were grandparents of the young lady who gave her heart to Jesus on Sunday morning. We are having wonderful revivals. God is stirring hearts and drawing people back to their First Love. On the way to Oregon I ministered in Greeley, CO at Glad Tidings then in Oregon, I ministered in two Church of God churches and three Assembly of God churches. Last month I wrote my newsletter from the city park in Loveland, CO and this month I’m writing from the beach of Oregon. God is so Amazing. It seems that right now people are seeking God and I’ve got to say it is a blast to do the work of an Evangelist. Even the scheduling of meetings which isn’t my favorite part of the ministry seems to be flowing with joy and laughter.

One of my books that I love to study lists every word in the Bible alphabetically and its definition. One word I found interesting was the word kiss. There are many different kinds of kisses talked about in God’s word. There is a kiss of greeting, a kiss of romance, even a kiss of deceit. I pray that our displays of affection are real. I don’t ever want God to find deceit in my acts of love for him. Be real not only with your display of affection toward God but one another. Many countries instead of shaking hands like we do here in the states will kiss on the cheek. I know we’re taught to smile and shake hands, give a hug but what’s the point if you are only doing it as a habit and everyone else is doing the same. A display of affection doesn’t enable us to get closer but exposing our heart and displaying the feelings of the heart does. Friends, I believe if we just approach one another out of habit and being polite that sadly might be how we approach God. I want God to know I love him for real, it’s not a habit or just because I know it should happen but it is how I really feel.

When I was in the Philippines, Pastor Dann showed me his vision to build the church. I encouraged them to save their money for the purpose of completing what they had felt God wanted them to start. I even told them if they could gather $5,000 FLM would match that with another $5,000. Because they did their part, we did what we said we would do. Starting on June 1 they will begin to do work to finish their church. I praise God for opportunity to partner and invest with those that are doing all they can, knowing God will provide what they do not have.

In India Pastor David Manogaran continues to need our prayers. His kidneys have failed. Join me in prayer that by the stripes of Jesus, Pastor David is completely healed. It seems the more we follow Gods leading in rescuing girls, the more intense the battle. Please continue to uphold the girls and the staff of the homes we have in India. The New Hope Home, The Ark, The Stars, The Beulah Home, and the Phillips Home.

In July when we go to Peru we will be interviewing an applicant for a position with FLM of Peru. Pray that God’s perfect will be done. One of our Dobermans on the farm has died, the one named Hur. The vet does not know if it was poisoned or what happened. Sadly, one of our faithful pastors was killed in a motor cycle accident. His daughter is in the hospital and his wife and church need our prayers.


Another Church Being Built in Peru

Another Church Being Built in Peru

In Africa the materials to help in completing two more churches have been purchased and work is going forward.



June 18                         WOMENS AGLOW                           Courtland, KS

June 19-22                    LIVING WATERS                             Courtland, KS

June 25                          Install Carpet Work Day                  Diasozo Project

July 20 – August 2       TRUJILLO AND TARAPOTO          PERU


October 23-28                                    WORK WEEK ON THE DIASOZO PROJECT

October 27-28                                    GIVE BACK PACKS AND SERVICES ON RESERVATION


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