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September Update

September, 2016
Dear Friends

I am so happy and here is the reason why, Jesus took my burdens all away. Wow, isn’t it so true that freedom from the penalty feels so good. Thank you for your investment in partnership with First Love Ministries. It was estimated during our last mission trip that over 250 people gave their lives to Jesus. Your investment of prayer and finances made that trip possible.  We had crusade services, kids crusades, church services, visited the poor targeted by a local church in giving away sacks of groceries. We gave funds to help build two more churches in Peru. We had a great time. Thank you.  To the right is a picture of the men’s dorm that we primed and painted while in Peru. We also picked out the location for a women’s dorm and we hope to have the foundation built so workers going in January can put up the block walls.

I really appreciate your prayers for God’s leading and wisdom as First Love Ministries views the future, if the Lord tarry’s without Paul. I have considered this for some time and want to continue to make sure changes are led of God. I believe God has blessed us as we have obeyed the vision he has given us. Though I look daily for the return of my Lord and Savior to catch me away in the rapture of the church, I still must plan for the second generation of FLM. I can tell you I have no plans of retiring. I do think over time I will be slowing down and adjusting my schedule. I feel that now is the time to make sure we continue to make changes so the ministry will not only continue but will flourish because of the solid foundation we all have laid.  As God leads, we will be making changes here as well as in India, Peru, The Philippines and Africa.  We do NOT plan on taking any steps back but moving forward into our God-purposed future. We are sensitive to the fact that might be a God planned difference. The heartbeat of this ministry will always remain the same: 1. See lives give their heart to Jesus and help them mature in their God purpose; 2. Help rescue as many children as God provides for us to rescue and help; 3. Help build churches.  Doing it all to display the love of Jesus and manifest God’s kingdom.

As I have prayed much for God’s leading for our mission trips in 2017 we will be going to Peru January 28-February 7. On the way home I will be going to Brazil for a few services. Then we will be going to the Philippines during the summer.  I will be reapplying for my India visa next March and depending on those results my travel to India is dependent.

This year in Trujillo a man came to me and hugged my neck. He said, “Last year while you were here I’d invited my brother to come to the crusade. We had been praying for him for many years. He was living with a woman but not married. He came, gave his heart to Jesus, got married and now is living a victorious Christian life.”  Yesterday I received a letter from a lady who had come to one of our services in May while I was in Oregon. The lady wrote that I gave a word of knowledge that someone was there with kidney problems. For several years doctors had tried and tried to help but to no avail. She said, “When God spoke through you with that word, I felt a surge of faith and came down to get prayed for. She said I had to write and tell you I’ve had no problems since. God completely healed me and now it’s been three months.”  Friends, God is doing miracles and lives are being changed for eternity. A couple came to me recently with their little baby. She said, “We want you to meet Paul. A couple years ago when you were here we came to the services on the brink of divorce. Then one night Jesus touched us and healed our marriage and we had this beautiful child and named him in your honor.” I sat in a place waiting to meet a couple of friends. They were bringing their university aged daughter. We ate and talked and I asked the daughter if she had ever given her life to Jesus and she shook her head no. We talked some more and reaching for her hand I asked if she wanted to give her life to Jesus. She nodded yes and repeated the sinner’s prayer after me. Years ago I read a text in God’s word about Jesus. It was so impactful. It said as he went, he ministered. I’ve never waited until being behind the pulpit, but believe in ministering as I go.


September 11-14                                Assembly of God                                Owensboro KY

September 18-21                                First Assembly of God                        Waterbury. CT

September 25 AM and 6 PM               Good Ground Family Church             Cohoes,  NY

October 9-12                                      Assembly of God                                Hill City, KS

October 16-19                                    Canyon Life Church                            Cascade, MT

October 23-26                                    Fresh Fire                                           Valentine, NE

October 29-30                                    Assembly of God                                Burton, NE

November 6-9                                     Winds of Fire Praise Chapel               Hutch, KS

November 11,12, 13 AM, PM             Praise Chapel                                     Wichita, KS

October 23-28                         WORK WEEK ON THE DIASOZO PROJECT
October 27-28                         GIVE BACK PACKS AND SERVICES ON RESERVATION
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