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December Update

December, 2016
Dear Friends
I am writing you this month from my office in Northwest Arkansas. It is always nice to be home. Thank you so much for partnering with FLM as we follow God’s leading.  In appreciation of my bea-U-tiful wife enduring me for forty years, I am taking her to Hawaii. We never have been before but wanted to go for years. We saved up our dollars and when you receive this we will be relaxing.

My closing thoughts of 2016 are to give God praise for over 100 souls who gave their life to Christ during meetings in the states. Several hundred more received Christ during crusades overseas.

Here is a picture of two young ladies who gave their lives to Jesus during the revival at Fresh Fire in Valentine, NE. Katie, on the right, gave her heart to God on Sunday and then asked about water Baptism. The Board and I got a stock tank loaned to us by a feed store. The Larson Ladies cleaned it up. We took it to the church and filled it up. Katie was baptized, and then Lilian gave her heart to Jesus and wanted to be baptized as well. I put videos on my FB page. Because mostly Pastors receive the honor of baptizing, I loved it when I was asked to do it.

I look forward to 2017. The number 17 in Biblical numerology means “God is putting together a complete victory.” The number 17 has shown up time and time again in our ministry. For instance, in one single day three complete strangers in different states sent FLM checks for $1,700 each and we received them on the same day. Some might believe in luck or coincidence but friends that simply was God saying, I’m putting together a complete victory in your ministry. Several projects we have been working on will be finished in 2017.  The FLMBI Campus in Peru will be open and The Diasozo Project will be open. Friends, we praise God that this coming year will be God putting together a complete victory. God is forming, he is constructing the victory. It makes me want to shout, “Hallelujah!”  God is birthing within me sermons about Complete Victories. Partial or incomplete victories are a thing of the past. That prayer you feel God has started to answer, get ready, God is a God of Complete Victory and 2017 is our year.  God has been birthing within me to write a book about The Nature of God.  Friends it will be complete in 2017. God is putting it together, God is a complete God.  God is Victorious.
We gave every student at the grade school in St Francis, SD on the Red Bud Indian Reservation–all 355 students–a kid bag. The bags were the fullest we have ever given. Thank you for your giving to this cause. We also were able to give 15 bags to a local church to give their kids for Christmas. Below is a list of the churches who gave.

New Hope                  Rogers AR                              150 Bags
The Ridge                   Pea Ridge AR                         75 Bags
Fresh Fire                   Valentine, NE                          50 Bags
Crossroads                 McPherson, KS                       50 Bags
New Life                     Beloit. KS                                15 Bags
Assembly of God        Hill City, KS                            10 Bags
Assembly of God        Osborne, KS                          10 Bags
Cornerstone                Red Cloud, NE                        10 Bags.

Every bag was important.  Thank you so much for your investment in this project.


January 28-February7            Pastor Conference, build girls dorm    Peru
February 8-13                         Church Crusades                               Brazil
End of July                              Pastor Conference                             Philippines

Cindy and I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Rejoice with us because of the birth of Jesus

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