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May Update

May, 2017

Dear Friends

Thank you so much for your partnership with First Love Ministries. My left eye surgery went well. Sadly, my eyes are not compatible with the implant lenses. I do see much better already and looking forward to having the right eye done in June. Your love, prayers and support mean so much.

Ephesians 4:4 ” That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.” Friends, we must stand firm in these last days. There is only one doctrine that I feel different about than the doctrines I was taught as a child and in Bible College. I was taught as a child that sanctification was something never achieved but something we continued to strive for. I have studied for years the difference between The Kingdom of Heaven and The Kingdom of God. In Bible College I was taught they were the same. I believe that when you ask JESUS into your heart and ask forgiveness of your sins it entitles you to the Kingdom of Heaven. The difference, in my teaching is that there is a difference between Christ in you which is salvation and you in Christ which is sanctification. You in Christ entitles you to the Kingdom of God here on earth. The, yes, I continue after that to continue to mature, grow and seek to become more Christ-like every day.  While my belief is slightly different than what I was taught as a child, it is not new; it is simple and backed up by the word of God. I must say I read God’s word daily and seek new revelation of what it is saying for this moment and time. I, however will never change my doctrine. I’m not looking for a new belief system. The Bible is reliable and consistent as well as life giving. Study Gods word and know why you believe what you do. Without arguing, be able to defend what you believe God’s Word lays out for your core doctrine. When I hear some wild idea, I think, “wait that does not go along with everything I’ve heard the Bible  means.” Please study to show thyself approved and then stand firm.

Below is a picture of the girls’ dorm we are building in Peru. The boys’ dorm is built and beaUtiful.

The Philippines continue to need our prayers. One of the churches that we have helped build has been under demonic attack. Two families that are neighbors to the pastor were massacred. The pastor and church have been threatened by Muslim terrorists. We have ministered in this church. They wrote the other day asking us to join them in praying for the furthering of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In India, in the Ark Home the girls discovered a five foot snake in their store room. That had to be a lot of excitement. They killed the snake and thanked God for his protection.

The Lutheran pastor discovered three nine year old boys throwing rocks to break out windows in The Diasozo Project.

Yes many attacks on many different fronts but we press on, with your partnership to do what God has called us to do. Yes, I was sick in Brazil, sick with the flu here in the states, at home now because of eye surgery. Friends were marching forward. This is not a time to be swayed by false doctrines or discouraging words or satanic attacks. In the name of JESUS there is VICTORY Ahead.
Our prayer needs in 2017 include:

  • Staff for our Rogers office
  • Staff for Peru–Prayer Answered with the hiring of Shaaro– Praise God
  • Staff for The Diasozo Project


April 30 – May 3                                   Glad Tidings                                        Greeley, CO
May 7 – 10                                          Assembly of God                                Yoncalla, OR
May 14 – 17                                        Church of God                                     Roseburg, OR
May 21 – 23                                        Central Coast                                      Newport, OR
June 8                                                 Cataract Surgery Right Eye

July 18 – August 1                               Pastor Conference                             Philippines
October 22 – 27                                  Home Mission Week                           Valentine, NE

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