November Update

November, 2017

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners

Cindy and I thank you for partnering with First Love Ministries. We appreciate your investment of prayers, time and finances. Your investment is making a difference around the world. It is such a time of humility and rejoicing when we go to the mail box to receive the letters of encouragement you have written and the offerings God has led you to invest. We know you pray for us and we want you to know we pray for you as well.

Every month should be Thanksgiving month but I am especially reminded to be thankful in November. I am elated that my sins have been forgiven. I’m thankful for the call of God on my life and parents that nourished that call by their example. I’m thankful for Cindy and what a wonderful wife and partner in the ministry she has been. The wonderful McNeelys have helped with my newsletter and served on the Board for over 25 years. I’m thankful for all the Board of FLM and partners of the ministry. All of you have made such a huge difference in my life. I’m thankful for pastors and churches that embrace the calling of an evangelist by having revival services.

Led of God earlier this year we made some changes in the ministry by stopping the covering of some churches we had been helping in Africa. We felt we had done what we were led to do and it was time to move on. We, still as God leads, are continuing to build churches in Africa. During August I felt God speaking the word transition time and time again. We will continue to help build churches around the world as God leads.  After prayer and fasting, I feel God’s leading to concentrate on India, Peru and our projects here in the states. If God leads in another direction, we will obey.

Here is a picture of our crew working at the shelter.  Next month we will share a picture of the backpack ministry at St Francis School on the Red Bud Reservation. What JOY there is in doing God’s work. Thank you for all that came and worked and those that prayed and supported so others could come. The churches that sent workers are: New Hope, Rogers AR; The Ridge Church, Pea Ridge AR: Crossroads Assembly, McPherson KS; Living Waters, Courtland KS; First Assembly, Osborne KS; Glad Tidings Assembly, Greeley CO; Reno Baptist, Caffe Junction  AL; and  Fresh Fire, Valentine NE.

I preached a sermon recently about transition. I shared on the text about the feeding of five thousand. You remember about the little boy who had five loaves and two small fishes. As God leads you and you invest in First Love Ministries I often pray that what you have invested is multiplied. As God leads, we divide it to needed projects unless you instruct otherwise. It’s in the dividing and passing out that the multiplication takes place. We don’t try to do the right thing and try to have integrity, we simply are ethical and are a ministry of integrity. We have now helped build over 170 churches around the world. We have taken your investment prayed over it, sowed into good soil, and God has multiplied.

This week I’m ministering at Fresh Fire in Valentine NE. Wednesday night will be the 87th service I have ministered at in Valentine. God gave me seven sermons on transition and that’s what I’m sharing. Last night the team of over 20 gathered around the local church members. We prayed for them, spoke prophecies over them and their church and the town of Valentine. The team is working so hard during the day but a huge part of any mission trip you go on with me is ministry.

When I pulled into Menahga, MN God spoke to me, no matter what, be an encouragement. I loved being there and every day strived to be an encouragement to others. Before I went there God had given me two visions. One was submitting myself to the pastor, so I had total peace about going there. The second was a group of ladies laughing as God refreshed them as JOY
flowed over them time after time. Both visions came to pass and I truly was blessed.

It was my seventh time to be in Moorhead, MN. Pastor Gregg and Debbie Thee are one of the best pastoral teams I’ve ever known. I’ve known them since 1992, when they were youth pastors and I went to Fall City, NE for a series of meetings. One night in Moorhead a lady came up to me saying she had a confession to make. She said I’ve never missed one of your services but when I see you’re scheduled again I just groan. She said it’s not a bad thing but I know I will be challenged and change will be required. Your prayers are working.


November 12 – 15                   Winds of Fire Praise Chapel               Hutchison, KS
November 19 am, pm             Praise and Worship Center                Broken Arrow, OK

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