January Update

January, 2018

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners

Happy New Year!   Cindy and I thank you for all your love, prayers and support. The number 18 in Biblical numerology stands for bondage. Let this be a year where we are set free from bondage.  I encourage you to live a life of integrity that is in submission to God’s perfect will for your life and not allow yourself to become enslaved to the trappings of this world.

Last August we went on a 21-day Daniel Fast.  The reason was two-fold; 1) to finish our book, “God’s Nature Resides in You,” and, 2) I kept hearing the word transition and I needed wisdom in how that applied to First Love Ministries. Praise God, the book is printed and ready to sell. In November I was ministering in Oklahoma. After the service a lady came up to me prophesying over me.  She said over and over that God kept saying the word “transition” about you while you were ministering.  She began prophesying then said, “I keep hearing transition.” I believe she was used to confirm what God had already spoken to me.

  1. God has called me to do the work of an evangelist. Our 4,904 evangelistic services confirm that.
  2. This being the year of bondage, I feel led of God to continue to focus on lives that are in bondage and in Jesus’ name, see them set free.  We were forced to make changes last year in India by the government of India. We have three girl’s homes that we have permission by the Indian government to support. We were forced to stop supporting our Indian pastors and two other smaller girls’ homes.  We were forced to stop our feeding program in Kolkata. Those three areas of ministry were deemed illegal by the government. If we would have insisted, they could have shut down all facets of ministry through First Love Ministries of India.
  3. The ministry in the Philippines has been emotionally draining because of the loss of lives that were martyred. But, needless to say, they are continuing to spread the Gospel. So, after much prayer, we will continue to love, pray and support them in any way we can, led of God.
  4. The ministry in Peru is not only stable but on the cusp of much growth.  The Residency Bible Institute opens in March. All of the correspondence schools have completed their tasks and as God leads, we will be opening more. The relationship with Pastor David and Pastora Teresa has deepened and I’m excited about planting more churches as God leads us. Sister Karen Gabe has fulfilled her original five-year commitment to First Love Ministries and we are seeking her replacement.
  5. The ministry in America, led of God, will make a transitional change. I’ve talked with several local pastors and church leaders. We are planning to open a Bible Institute in September 2018. It will be a three-year Bible Institute with thirty-four courses. It will include a summer internship stateside between the first and second year and a summer internship overseas between the second and third year. To apply for entrance to the Bible Institute, you will need the following three things: 1) Completed application including your explanation of God’s call on your life; 2) A pastor’s reference letter; 3) Graduation diploma or equivalent.

We have prayed, fasted and sought Godly council as First Love Ministries continues to transition as God directs. It is not our goal to find more things to keep us busier. It is simply our heart’s desire to listen and obey our Heavenly Father’s leading. We continue to covet your prayers and support as God leads you.

Below are pictures of the Christmas parties for MARU children in The Philippines and Peru.  Thank you for your giving.



January 21                              San Jose, Costa Rica—our 57th country in which to minister

January 27 – February 6       Pastor Conference, Work on FLMBI Campus

July 14 – July 27                     Cusco Crusade, Tarapoto  FLMBI

October 21 – October 27        Home Mission Week, Back Packs, Diasozo Project

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