April Update

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

First Love Ministries has had an exciting month.  I have been working diligently to prepare for our missions trip to Cusco, Peru in July and things are really coming together.  I anticipate God will move in a powerful way as we minister there in support of one of the Esmirna churches.  The team that goes on this trip will be doing one-on-one street ministry, children’s crusades, and nightly crusades showing the love of Christ to the wonderful people of Peru.  We will also take a few days to allow people to visit Machu Picchu and see one of the wonders of this beautiful world that God created for us to enjoy.  If you are interested in going on this trip, I ask that you email me at the address below soon because the price for airline tickets will go up the closer to our trip.  The trip is scheduled for July 14-21. We will arrive in Cusco on July 15th and fly out on July 21st.  I will be going to Tarapoto, Peru on the 21st to take care of business and then will fly back on the 27th after FLM business meetings.  The ministry team will fly home on the 21st.

In regards to India, it is important for me to travel to India and meet the children in the orphanages and spend some time with them and the amazing ministry team in place.  I have applied for my visa to India and once approved, I will schedule a trip to Bangalore and Kolkata.  I truly can’t wait to visit them and to love on these precious children that have been through so much.  God does amazing things with your prayers, financial support and time investment.  It’s making a difference!  One of our emphasis this year is to rescue more girls from the grip of the enemy and to pour life into them as we raise up the next generation to praise the Lord!  I know a few people that are already planning to go on this trip!  Going on this trip is something to consider and I know it will change your life forever.  We covet your prayers as God paves the way before us on these trips.  We have children that are in need of sponsorships, so please pray and join with us in our efforts as the Lord lays it on your heart.

Our trip to Peru in late January early February had some highs and lows.  We had such a wonderful loving team on this trip.  Each member was so available and willing at every turn and very adaptable in the plan and schedule.  We held a Pastor’s Conference with over 150 pastors in the network that First Love Ministries invests.  We also held nightly services where God moved in a tremendous way and lives were changed!  The team that worked at the campus built a garden and fenced it in to keep the critters out.  They also painted one of the buildings in order to preserve it and make it look very nice.  Several team members held children’s crusades, gave out candy, taught the children and just loved on them daily.  Groceries were purchased and delivered for the MARU families and it was such a blessing and brought so much joy to the giver and reciever.  On Sunday morning before we left, our team split up and we ministered in 8 different churches.  God truly was with this team, but the trip didn’t end the way we thought it would.  Instead of hugs of joy and love, we left with hugs and tears of sadness and sorrow because of the home-going of our dear brother-in-Christ Paul Conger.  He will be greatly missed…until we see him again!

Here is a picture of the truck that we purchased while in Peru.  In April, 2017 we were all challenged in the FLM newsletter to help purchase a vehicle needed for FLM-Peru, with your help and support, we were able to do just that.  Praise God for His provisions!  God is our source and all good things come from Him!  Look at the smile on Reynaldo’s face in this picture!  He now has what was needed to travel to the campus and outlying villages to do the work of the ministry.

Thank you for your generous giving and support to make this happen.

I truly covet your prayers for the direction of First Love Ministries as we move forward with the ministry.  We are praying for the future and have such an expectancy of what God is doing and going to do.  As I have been praying I have felt God impress upon my heart the same word that Paul mentioned in February… “DELIBERATE.”  Our efforts and ministry focuses should be deliberate and exactly what God wants us to do during this transitional period.  There are exciting times ahead, so please keep us on your prayer list.



July 14 – July 27                    Cusco, Peru Crusade, Tarapoto FLMBI

October 21-27                        Home Mission Week, Back Packs, Diasozo Project

Dates TBD                              Kolkata, India – Orphanages and church ministry


February 3-10, 2019               Tarapoto, Peru Pastor Conference, Medical Clinic, Counseling

NOTE:  The revival schedule still has a lot of confirmations that we are waiting on.  You will see this schedule in the future newsletter but it is not available for this April edition.

Our mailing address is PO Box 100, Rogers, AR 72757 and my email address is DAustin@FirstLoveMinistries.com.  If you are on Facebook please like First Love Ministries so you can receive our updates.  Thank you for being a partner of First Love Ministries.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A Servant in Training,​​​​​

David Austin