Bible Institute

First Love Ministry Bible Institue.

First Love Ministries Bible Institute is a three year Bible institute located in Peru with six courses per year for a total of 18 courses. These courses are practical in nature to enable people to go into full-time ministry, enhance the ministry they are already involved in or help raise leaders in churches.

First Love Ministries Bible Institute now has enrolled over 700 students in its correspondence school. This has 6 courses per year for three years and a total of 18 different courses. This is for Pastors as well as church leaders.
As of February 01, 2016 we have a two year residency Bible School for students that feel called into the full time ministry.   This is for young men as well as women.
We began this in Peru and we are seeking Gods leading now opening the correspondence school in Africa and the Philippines. We are also praying about building residency schools in other countries as well, including the United States.