Diasozo Project

Pronounced Dia-sew

Several years ago as I got up to preach, a five year old reached out and touched me. I was slain in the Spirit and laid on the steps of the platform for a good length of time. While I laid there with people waiting for me to get up and preach,  God gave me a powerful vision. This vision was to help minister’s wives that were being battered and abused. God spoke to me to have a three phrase program.

  • Phase One – For two weeks just offer safety and help to escape their situation.  After the initial two weeks they will decide to move on or continue on to phase two.
  • Phase Two – They will enter a three month program of counseling for restoration of body, soul and spirit. At the end of these three weeks they again will decide to stay for phase three or move on.
  • Phase Three – Third phase would be for them to get a job and pay rent on a sliding scale. They would, in total, be able to live at this house of safety for one year.

As the vision ended God gave me the word “Diasozo”. I got up and preached. The next day I looked up the word Diasozo and it is a Hebrew word meaning “to help rescue, to bring to safety, to help heal and restore”. God spoke clearly to me that He wanted me to call this home for women, “The Diasozo Project”.