The Ark Home outside Kolkata

The goal and vision of First Love Ministries is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.  You do that by showing Christ’s love to all people.

We started rescuing young children from child prostitution in India and now have rescued over ### girls.  As the Lord allows we build homes to house and raise these girls.


Class at Bible Institute



First Love Ministries is also active in other countries.  We support over ## pastors in India, Peru and the Phillipines.  The Lord has also helped us build a Bible Institute in Peru to equip young pastors to go and spread the Gospel in areas we could never get in to.  The latest ministry is The Diasozo Project (pronounced dia-sew).  This is a battered women’s shelter in Nebraska.  We have just begun work on remodeling the building to house ## of women.

Building a Church in Peru

None of these accomplishments would be possible without the Lord’s help as well as the local church and its financial support, prayers and volunteer help.  First Love Ministries is not one man but a group of people determined to see the Gospel spread to all corners of the globe.