It was August 1996 in Calcutta that I first learned of the awful treatment of children as prostitutes. I was approached by a man on the street who offered me an eight-year-old girl for the sake of sex. As long as I live I will never forget that young girl’s eyes as she waited to see if I would buy her for the next hour of her life…repeated rape seemed to be her fate of life unless she was lucky enough to die of AIDS sooner.

After much research I formed a non-profit organization in India called First Love Ministries of India. Professional men and women head up this ministry and have joined with me to help rescue as many girls as we are financially able to afford. It is our goal, once rescued, to raise the girl through completion of college. Not every girl rescued goes into our orphanage. Some girls are reunited with their families and some with disease will be raised in a special home with others in the same condition. The girls that enter into our orphanage are educated, clothed and fed.

In 1998 we were able to rescue 5 girls. Praise God, that since then we have been able to help a total of over 400 girls. Oh what joy it is to go back to India and see the drastic change in a little girl’s life. While living on a street or even in a cage and waiting to be raped for money, truly there must be little hope. But after being given new clothes, a nice place to sleep and sent to school, it is amazing how quickly these little girls react to being treated with love. Jesus does make a difference.

Please pray about helping me rescue another little girl under the age of eight. Simply put “We must do more!!”. Please will you help??

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