Pastoral Support

As the Lord provides we try to give all our pastors motor bikes.

First Love Ministries is now covering over 60 ministers around the world. It is so exciting to be a small part of what God is doing through their ministries.  We continue to add additional pastors as people are led to give.

Let me say we have no desire to start a denomination. The heart of the leadership of First Love Ministries is simply to help equip people to do God’s work.  As a result of that heart we have started covering  churches and ministers around the world as God leads us to do so. It seemed very natural that the first pastors and churches overseas would be in India. We met with several pastors and then following God’s leading, we chose to cover three. We went and spent time with these pastors and they agreed to the Tenets of Faith of First Love Ministries. We also went and saw their churches and met their families.  Over time we have added support to pastors in Peru and the Phillipine Islands.

We want to help them become all God has for them to be. It is our desire to help equip and watch them flourish as their churches grow.  We support pastors by providing a monthly stipend.  As time goes on we  assist in building churches, purchasing motor scooters and have even provided a generator to a pastor in a remote village that has no electricity.

We are praying about helping support some churches in America as well. Please join us in prayer as we continue to follow God’s leading.

To see a map and list of pastors we support click below.

If you have any questions or would like to support a pastor, please feel free to contact me by clicking HERE.