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Developing Leaders


First Love Ministries also focuses on investing in the lives of leaders around the world.  Whether they are seasoned, and want to take their education to the next level, or possibly a new future leader, and need someone to invest in them and mentor them.


First Love Ministries Bible Institute (FLMBI)

FLMBI is a three year Bible institute located in Peru with six courses per year for a total of 18 courses. These courses are practical in nature to enable people to go into full-time ministry, enhance the ministry they are already involved in or help raise leaders in churches.


FLMBI now has enrolled over 700 students in its correspondence school. This has 6 courses per year for three years and a total of 18 different courses. This is for Pastors as well as church leaders.


Fathering Leaders

This is a three year mentorship program for young men and women who have a heart for ministry.  They volunteer in the ministry and graduate from FLMBI.  They are mentored by First Love Ministries and others to prepare them to be used in living a life set apart to build the Kingdom of God.

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