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February 2020 Update

Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

We first want to say a big THANK YOU! Thank you for making 2019 ministry for FLM so incredible by your support. You truly are helping reach the world and investing in the lives of many and we pray many blessings for your faithfulness in furthering God’s Kingdom.

Sharon, Pepe, Reinaldo

The Peru missions team leave in just 4 short days! We are scheduled for February 1st – 14th. We will do ministry in Tarapoto, Moyobamba, Saposoa, Cusco as well as other villages. There is so much excitement for the big crusade in Tarapoto on Saturday February 8th. It will be in the coliseum and we will spend a few days canvassing to prepare for the event. These ministry opportunities will all go to support the local Esmirna churches in each area. Please be in prayer for God to give favor and prepare the hearts of those that receive ministry. We believe that there will be a tremendous harvest for the glory of God, and that many miracles will take place to soften the hearts of the people and that His glory will fall!

Pastor Dann and Merdi, from the Philippines, are so faithful to send reports and letters from the children we support. This is just one of our girls that we help support monthly. They are always so grateful and send prayers for all who support us. They are doing well, however some have relocated and are no longer receiving the support. We have added a few children that needed the support since two of them left. If you are supporting some of our children and haven’t received any communication from them in a while, please send an email to us so that we can get some communication for you and also to update our records.

We had some exciting things happen in India recently! Anil and Asha’s daughter, Ashnil, got married! She has worked and supported our girls homes faithfully for some time now and we pray God’s blessings upon her and her new husband as they seek to please God.

On-line donations are an easy way that you can help support First Love take the Gospel to the world. Click on GIVE link above!. Thank you for partnering with us!


Beloved Builder,

David Austin

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