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Prayer Needs for our 2019 Philippine Mission Trip

On Monday January 14 at 5:55 a.m. myself and Pastor Ted Miller will depart for a mission’s trip to the Philippines. Your prayers are a great help during any trip, and we would like to give you some specific focus for those prayers that will coordinate with this particular trip.

1. Pray for God to strengthen us as we travel, and that every connection is easy, smooth and without delay. – January 14 – 15.

2. Pray for the pastors and leaders that we will be pouring into. That they will be encouraged, strengthened and blessed. Pray for new vision in each of their hearts and that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will flow freely during these meetings. – January 16-18.

3. Pray for the services at Word of Hope Church where we will be ministering. That the word will be effective, life giving, the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will be in operation and for salvation of souls. – January 19-20.

4. Pray for safety, strength and fresh anointing on us and for souls to be added to the Kingdom as we travel by boat to several remote islands and conduct Gospel Crusades at fishing villages on the islands. January 21-23.

5. Pray for safety, strength and easy traveling as we return home and that we will return refreshed, renewed and restored. January 24.

Thank you so much for your partnership in building the Kingdom of God. Your prayers make all the difference in the world!

Pastor David

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